Release on more platforms and improve the player experience

Grow your audience by releasing on more platforms and storefronts, and improve the multiplayer experience with crossplay. Whether your game is live or in development, we’ll build the best fit for you.

Why enable crossplay and multiplatform releases?

More engaged players

Studies show that people who can play across different platforms spend more time playing, because it’s easier to connect with friends.

Faster matchmaking

Because crossplay enables a united group of players, it’s quicker to match people, which reduces wait times and improves the game experience.

More enduring games

With a combined population of players, your game has a longer life, maximising your income and keeping loyal players happy.

Tailored multiplatform and crossplay solutions

We work with your game’s backend to design and integrate the best crossplay and multiplatform solution using the right mix of:

IMS Online Services. Crossplay and multiplatform ready technology designed and built by IMS engineers and crossplay specialists.

Third party services. We integrate multiplatform services from providers such as Playfab and Epic Online Services.

Fully customised builds. If your game has a unique requirement that’s not met by existing products, we build and integrate a fully custom solution.

From the start, our relationship with Improbable felt empowering. Their team was really focussed on solutions to help us create and evolve our live games, and always ready to support us and help put ideas into action.
Andreas Jonsson, Chief Technology Officer, Enad Global 7
Gameplay Scavengers Promo (gradient)

Release on more platforms and enable crossplay

Releasing on multiple platforms with crossplay is vital to creating better player experiences. But the challenges of building in this functionality, whether for a title in development or even a live game, are formidable.

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Piranha MechWarriors

Piranha Games MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

As Piranha Games released MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries to major PC platforms and Xbox, the studio enabled friends to play together across multiple storefronts using a combination of Epic Online Services and fully customised builds.

Put your solution into action

Keep your team focused

Our experts will define and integrate a crossplay solution optimised specifically for your game, so your teams can stay focused on other priorities.

A fast and dependable solution

Our teams have successfully enabled crossplay on many titles. With years of extensive experience, we’re ready to provide a robust solution for your game.

Made for your game

We know every game’s unique. It’s why we design and integrate crossplay solutions tailored to your game and its needs, incorporating our proven technologies and the best third-party services.


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All our solutions are tailored for specific games, and combine our deep expertise with proven technology to help studios, developers and publishers do even more.

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