Enabling high-scale multiplayer experiences

IMS gameplay enablement solutions help you to reduce the risk of creating high-scale multiplayer experiences that exceed the limits of traditional technologies.

How our gameplay enablement solutions help

Proven technology building blocks

At its foundation, a gameplay solution uses powerful IMS technology to enable high-scale networked games.

Tailoring to your game’s needs

Our teams help to augment, extend and integrate IMS technology to meet the requirements of your game and its gameplay.

Ongoing development partnership

We support the development of your game logic and workflows, addressing challenges presented by scale across the technology stack.

Solutions for gameplay enablement

Increase concurrent players

Bring hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of concurrent players together in the same high-fidelity game instance.

IMS networking technology is designed to enable high CCU game designs. We combine this with expertise and services to support the creation of your game logic and workflows.

Increase player density

Create densely populated virtual worlds without limits to where players can go, enabling Massively Interactive Live Events, rich social hubs or huge crowds in your game world.

Our solution for density enables you to combine high player counts with very dense, crowd-like experiences, with full-stack support from experts in creating high-density game modes.

Increase simulation

Bring your game world to life using dynamic systems to create richer and more complex simulations.

IMS networking technology enables you to increase the compute resources for a game world instance beyond a single dedicated server. This allows you to run game systems at a much larger scale, allowing for richer and more complex simulation of AI, physics and weather in your game world.

Increase gameworld scale

Create large, open worlds heavily populated with interacting players, objects and systems.

By combining high player counts and greater simulation with geographical scale, you can create deeply immersive titles set in rich, seamless worlds without compromising on the detail and interactivity of your game environment.

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Discover multiplayer networking

Find out how our technology for high-scale networked games works.

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Gameplay Scavengers Promo (gradient)

Midwinter Entertainment, Scavengers

Discover how Midwinter Entertainment created more intelligent NPCs without reducing CCUs by offloading AI to a second server.

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ScavLab 02

Midwinter Entertainment, ScavLab

ScavLab is a virtual event space in the Scavengers universe that uses an architecture for high player density to unite thousands of players and AI in a single virtual world.

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