Enabling greater game performance and cost efficiency

Game server operations and orchestration technology to optimise your game for the best player experience and server performance.

Our game server operations solutions

IMS bare-metal services

Get the best infrastructure setup for your game’s ambition, players’ experience and bottom-line results, through access to an unparalleled 363 data centres across 112 locations – all fully managed by IMS.

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Optimise a game portfolio

Enable greater cost efficiency and economy of scale by building a single-player experience across your game portfolio with a custom multiplayer platform for game development, operation and innovation.

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Persistent worlds

By combining our managed bare-metal products, our flexible orchestration tools and incident management team, we can build and operate a solution that’s tailored to the unique needs of your game.

Session-based games

We provide easy to integrate game server orchestration technology that’s been proven over many years with dozens of session-based games. Fully managed by our team of specialists.

Complex server scenarios

No matter how complex the scenario, our experts can create, design and build a custom orchestration and operations solution, combining our existing technology building blocks with our tailored services.

Optimise performance

To help deliver the best player experience for your game, our team of specialists review your game binary, its workload and infrastructure, and then make recommendations. We’ll also help you migrate to the new set up.

Optimise costs

To enable greater cost efficiency, our team can provide analysis of your current game server operation and identify ways to reduce costs such as alternate bin-packing strategies, changing bare-metal and cloud shares, and optimising machine types.

Launch smoothly

Our game hosting specialists have launched hundreds of successful multiplayer titles. They’re ready to help you plan and execute a smooth, successful launch supported by our round-the-clock incident response teams.

Observe and resolve incidents

Get tailored insights into your game server operations by creating custom dashboards, telemetry and health metrics, alerting systems, logging pipelines, and more.

NWI Case Study Hero v2 [no logo]

New World Interactive, Insurgency: Sandstorm

With over 58K positive user reviews, Insurgency: Sandstorm earned an 85% approval rating on Steam. But as player figures spiked, the studio needed to control its costs.

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Toadman Interactive Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

Toadman Interactive

With a growing portfolio, Toadman Interactive developed its IP with a focus on free-to-play games – helped by using the right technology ecosystem to support its operations.

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