Faster and smarter studio playtesting

With a flexible, efficient playtesting workflow and a smart, automated testing framework, you can speed up your iteration cycles and streamline your QA process. And with easier playtesting, your teams can focus on creating great gameplay.

Enable smarter studio playtesting with IMS

Test games more frequently

When it’s easy to run playtests using packaged builds of your game, your teams have the freedom to test incremental game changes in full context at any time.

Create better games faster

Because you can run playtests whenever you like, you can learn from testing and make changes sooner and more often, accelerating your iteration cycles.

Make your QA more efficient

By automating testing for performance and regressions, as well as being able to detect hard-to-reproduce bugs, you can speed up your QA process and use the time saved more effectively.

Efficient in-person and automated playtesting

IMS playtesting solutions enable you to speed up iteration cycles by making it quick and easy to test the latest changes to a game in its full context, and to automate performance and regression testing.
One of the amazing things we can do with IMS is deploy playtest servers instantly from a browser. We can rapidly set up a 1:1 test in an environment that’s identical to the one we’d run the game in, giving us real confidence in the data we collect.
Josh Holmes, CEO and co-founder, Midwinter Entertainment
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Improve gameplay with rigorous testing

Midwinter Entertainment was able to accelerate their iteration speed by making it easier and faster to playtest new changes made to the game.

Enabling multiple daily, company-wide end-to-end playtests, IMS reduced the time it took testers to access the latest game build by 90%.

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Fast playtest distribution

Get the right game into your playtesters’ hands faster. The IMS playtest launcher features efficient patching across game builds which gives you faster download times for faster playtest distribution.

Easy playtest coordination

Using a sharable, one-click installation and download, you have a simple workflow for setting up and coordinating playtests with any number of testers in the right game build.

Automate more test scenarios

Run repeatable test scenarios without the need for human testers, so you can automate performance and regression testing, validate low-level functionality and find elusive bugs.

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