Enable faster feedback and more robust iteration

Empower your live game development teams to gain more immediate feedback, accelerate iteration cycles, optimise workflows and collaborate effectively.

Why use continuous delivery to optimise your build pipeline?

Speed up feedback cycles

Reduce the time to validate and test incremental changes to your game build. Get more immediate feedback to enable faster iteration.

Meet milestones and avoid crunch

By being able to test, validate and commit to game changes faster, you can avoid the accumulation of technical debt and secure your project milestones.

Deliver work and fix bugs faster

Enabling your teams to work efficiently in small increments, you can deliver new features and fix bugs faster and more reliably.

A bespoke solution to optimise your build pipeline

Whether your game’s live, in production or pre-production, our experts work with your dev team to accelerate your feedback and iteration cycles, drawing upon a mix of the following:

Best-practice advice. Access our team of experienced CI/CD industry experts who will share their subject matter expertise to help you adopt the best continuous delivery practices for your studio.

Hands-on optimisation. Our team gives practical help to implement and optimise your game’s build pipeline and improve workflows for continuous delivery.

Purpose-built tooling. To complement more effective studio playtesting, we offer purpose-built automation tools to make it faster to share builds with testers, coordinate playtests and make your QA more efficient.

We were focusing all our effort and energy into the game itself. IMS lets us take care of all the things you don’t really want to have to think about.
Jared Dixey-Hefty, Principal Engineer, Scavengers Live Operation
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Make better games with faster iteration

Iteration speed is vital to multiplayer game development. Using CI/CD and playtesting, studios work directly with players on feedback to make changes quickly. The faster you iterate, the better the overall gameplay experience.

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Faster feedback for better gameplay

By accelerating feedback loops for iteration and development, Midwinter Entertainment can respond more immediately to players and keep them engaged.

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How we put your solution into action

Practical help to launch your solution

Our experts lead the adoption of continuous delivery across your games teams, and share their practical experience to help your people get started.

Passing on knowledge

As we implement our solution, we empower your people to be continuous delivery experts themselves, so that they can address future challenges with confidence.

Optimising your workflow

Equipped with a toolbox of best practice implementations, practical training and purpose-built technologies, our experts provide a highly tailored solution to optimise your game building processes.

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All our solutions are tailored for specific games, and combine our deep expertise with proven technology to help studios, developers and publishers do even more.

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