Improving development speed and effectiveness

IMS developer effectiveness solutions can provide your team with a range of multiplayer development tools and services to help you release your game on time and to a high quality.

Our developer effectiveness solutions

Playtest more effectively

A flexible, efficient playtesting workflow combined with an automated testing framework to accelerate your iteration cycles and streamline your QA.

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Continuous delivery

Enable your game teams to gain faster feedback, accelerate iteration cycles, optimise workflows and collaborate effectively.

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Bootstrap your project

Bootstrap your project using our IT and developer effectiveness experts to provide hands-on help for new projects or studios. This includes support to set up IT infrastructure, CI build systems, QA and testing, and remote working.

Build an analytics pipeline

Receive, understand and react to your game data using an integrated, custom-built analytics pipeline to extract, store and analyse information using common tools.

Create more effective QA processes

Augment your studio with experienced and highly skilled QA leaders to help improve your game quality, release more predictably and maximise the effectiveness of your developer team.
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Faster playtesting. Smart development.

Midwinter Entertainment accelerated iteration speed by making it easier and faster to playtest game changes, reducing the time to access new builds by 90%.

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All our solutions are tailored for specific games, and combine our deep expertise with proven technology to help studios, developers and publishers do even more.

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