Helping developers with a unique set of challenges

The professional services team exists to devise and integrate customised solutions, and provide all the hands-on help and advice you may need throughout your game’s lifecycle.

Get custom solutions from subject-matter experts

Get custom solutions from subject-matter experts

Draw on specialist knowledge from across Improbable’s 1,000 staff and three in-house studios.

With expertise spanning game server hosting, orchestration, networking, online services, crossplay enablement, testing tools and performance optimisations, we’ll ensure you get a solution perfectly suited to the challenge you’re facing.

Hit your milestones while minimising costs

Hit your milestones while minimising costs

With on-demand access to the right expertise at the right time, you won’t need to hire your way out of problems when unexpected issues arise that would otherwise put your timelines and budget at risk.

A team dedicated to your title will respond quickly and schedule the initial discovery call within a week. And although we can’t always guarantee the time to start, we can promise to be transparent about capacity and timelines.

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Stick with the tools and technologies you know

No single supplier can meet the needs of every studio and every game. You need to be able to mix and match whichever partners, technology components and third-party services you need.

That’s why all our solutions are agnostic to all public clouds and can accommodate the very best products and services from across the industry. It’s also why you’ll find our technical services team is full of multiplayer specialists with plenty of experience with Unreal, Epic Online Services, Steam, Unity, Playfab, AWS, GCP and more.

Rely on a swift, proactive, hands-on response

Rely on a swift, proactive, hands-on response

We’ll look after your game as if it were our own. So when we notice that something needs fixing, we won’t wait around for someone to ask us: we’ll just fix it. We’ll also be looking for issues ahead of time so we handle them before they impact your players.

When you need to get in touch you can either message us on Slack, or for critical issues, get a response within 30 minutes from the Incident Desk at any time of the day or night.

I really appreciate how much everyone got sh-t done! Everyone was all hands on deck, always grabbing something to fix without asking unnecessary questions.
Jean-Marc Broyer, CEO, RETO MOTO

Helping your game succeed

Account management and support

Rely on a dedicated team of people who understand your game and ambitions.

Solutions engineers

We’ll identify problems ahead of time, and design and implement custom solutions.

Best practice

Get advice around any aspect of GaaS development from design, production and engineering to finance and commerce.

Migrations, on-boarding and training

We’re here to help you get projects started as swiftly as possible and with minimum risk.

R&D services

When you’re working on something new, get help with problem discovery and breakdown, solution development and building proofs of concept.

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