Virtual experiences at real-world scale

Project Morpheus enables creators to replicate the magic of real-world events – and go beyond, unlocking the next generation of experiences in virtual worlds and the metaverse

Project Density - AleXa Global Fan Party

Intimacy at scale

Unprecedented scale and density

Bring thousands of people together in a single shared space to create high-density crowds of a kind never before seen in virtual worlds.

Unlimited avenues for expression

Render tens of thousands of uniquely customised, animated characters and stream facial animations to everyone around you.

Real-world interactions

Create social dynamics through proximity based voice chat that lets you talk with people nearby and hear the buzz of the whole crowd.
AleXa Event - jpg

Project Morpheus is a suite of technology components designed to bring the magic of real-world experiences into the virtual.

Built on foundational components from the SpatialOS networking engine for high-scale multiplayer games, Project Morpheus evolves the technology to make it efficient for rich, immersive, high-density 3D worlds.

This makes it ideally suited to scenarios where many people are in the same space – a bustling city, a one-off event or concert, a game where thousands of people can all see each other and interact, and the metaverse.

Looking to step into the metaverse?

Project Morpheus is now in preview and seeking partnerships with brands that want to be part of the evolution of virtual worlds.

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