Managed game server orchestration for session-based multiplayer games

Enable the best possible player experience with market-leading orchestration technology to optimise your infrastructure across ping, server FPS and match wait times.

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Our customers include Bohemia Interactive, Snail, Scavengers Studios, The Farm, Battle State Games, Triternion, Gamepires and more.

“Not only did they provide servers, but also knowledge of scaling multiplayer games. They helped us a lot during the development process. The release of SCUM was a huge success – they tripled the number of servers within hours, helping us reach a total of 70,000 CCU on launch day.”

– Andrej Levenski, Technical Director and Co-Founder, Gamepires.

Key features

Low-latency global coverage

Deliver the best possible experience for your players with our global network of over 200 data centres.

SDKs for Unreal, Unity and custom engines

Easy-to-use SDKs for flexible integration with your game.


Efficient autoscaling and defragmentation.

Control panel and CLI

Full control via our purpose-built console and command-line interface.

Hybrid infrastructure

Operate across a cost-efficient and scalable mix of high performance bare metal and on-demand public cloud infrastructure.

DDoS protection

Counter DDoS attacks and rapidly migrate your players to new data centres.

Cross-platform support

Full support across PC, console and mobile platforms.

Alerting and monitoring

Alerting, monitoring and analytics via our control panel and full proactive support from our team of engineers.

Zero-downtime updates

Minimum impact and maximum fun for your players with zero-downtime patching.
Toadman Interactive Case Study Explosion

Toadman Interactive

For any game developer with multiple global teams, it’s a technical challenge to manage backend operations comprehensively while trying to keep focused on creating content.

Toadman Interactive knew that the right technology ecosystem would help to support operations for its games, allowing them to simplify and drive efficiencies in their development and distribution. To find out more, check out the case study.

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zeuz Game Server Orchestration

Hybrid game server orchestration

Increase game revenue with more regions

Access all the compute you need through a single provider with an agnostic network of the best bare-metal and cloud providers.

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Minimise costs with a hybrid cloud

Minimise costs with a hybrid cloud

We minimise game server costs by finding you the right mix of bare metal and cloud servers throughout your game’s lifecycle. By using our orchestration technology to combine them both, you can save more than 50% compared with cloud-only operations.

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Live monitoring and support-01

Live monitoring and support

With operations specialists on three continents monitoring your game all day, every day, we’ll identify and resolve issues before they impact players.

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Custom multiplayer solutions

Custom multiplayer solutions

No two games are the same. That’s why the solutions and professional services we offer are customised to fit your studio and each individual title.
VAIL Volt Standoff AEXLAB


Discover how virtual reality studio, AEXLAB, combines its VR expertise with Improbable Multiplayer Services to make VAIL VR one of the most well-balanced and satisfying multiplayer shooters around.

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Case Study Promo H&G

Heroes & Generals

Saving up to 50% in costs, Reto Moto used a reliable, cost-effective game server operations solution tailored to help Heroes & Generals reach more players and scale further.

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NWI Case Study Hero v2 [no logo]

New World Interactive

Insurgency: Sandstorm earned an 85% approval rating on Steam and over 58,000 positive user reviews. Yet as NWI saw its player figures spiking, the studio’s server operation costs spiralled month after month.

Concerned about increasing costs, CEO Keith Warner and his team made it a priority to gain greater insight into NWI’s server operations and take control of their spending.

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Frequently asked questions

24/7 monitoring and support is included in our pricing. There are no additional support costs.
We support the three main public cloud providers: Google Cloud, Azure and AWS. If you have additional requirements, please contact us.
This is possible on request. For more details, please contact us.
You can use PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch and mobile – and you can use any game engine.
It typically only takes a couple of days to get fully set up and familiarised with our platform, and we will provide all the help you need. For porting live games, it can take a little longer, depending on the size. As an example, we completed the port of *Conan Exile*s (100K CCU) in under two weeks.


We want to make game server costs as straightforward, transparent and predictable as we can.

That’s why we’ve arranged our pricing so that you only pay for server usage – not the fully managed operations service you also get. This way, your costs will depend simply on how many bare-metal machines or cloud vCPUs you use and how long they’re provisioned for.

You can dig into the different options for bare metal and cloud in our documentation.


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