Networking for high-scale multiplayer gameplay

SpatialOS enables game creators to build rich, large-scale multiplayer experiences where hundreds or even thousands of players can play together in new and dynamic virtual worlds.


A networking engine built for scale

SpatialOS is built to handle low-latency, high-volume, high-throughput data replication.

It runs multiplayer networking as a separate server side process, scaling to hundreds of millions of interactions a second – enabling thousands of players to join a single virtual world with increased levels of simulated content.

Architectures designed for your game

IMS enables high-scale multiplayer gameplay by tailoring an architecture that combines the SpatialOS networking engine with additional technology components to the needs of your project, so you can introduce more players, density, simulation, or size to your game world.

We support all major platforms, with integrations for Unreal Engine and Unity plus SDKs for other game engines. Our people work with you to understand the right architecture for your game and tailor its components to your specific requirements.

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SpatialOS in action: enabling ScavLab

Midwinter Entertainment’s multiplayer game Scavengers launched a virtual event space called ScavLab, which uses a bespoke architecture designed for high player count, high-density multiplayer gameplay.

ScavLab combines the SpatialOS networking engine with components for high-density rendering and simulation, enabling the studio to create gameplay that brings thousands of players and AI together in a single virtual world.

explore new ways to play

Explore new ways to play

Learn how SpatialOS networking engine can help to realise your multiplayer game ambitions.

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How we work with you

We work closely to ensure the success of your game by providing strong foundational technology tailored to your needs, delivered with the right expertise and services to support you throughout development.

Everything starts by learning more about your ideas, your team, and your goals. Then we suggest the ideal combination of technology and services to bring your vision to life. Want to know more?

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