Flexible matchmaking that grows with your game

Gain a highly customisable matchmaking foundation for your game with our fully managed, feature-rich matchmaker.

Build a great first impression

Your matchmaking rules define the quality of your players’ in-game experience. Get it right and you keep players coming back for more.

Create more engaging experiences

Strike the right balance between good player matches and shorter wait times which you can tune throughout your game's lifecycle.

Adapt and evolve with your game

Enable a matchmaking solution that gives you the flexibility to adapt its rules to the ever-evolving circumstances of your live-service game.
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More flexible matchmaking

Midwinter Entertainment wanted a more flexible matchmaking solution to provide Scavengers players with a great game experience.

IMS specialists augmented the studio’s team to develop a bespoke matchmaking solution based on the Open Match framework.

The result was a flexible, future-ready framework that increased retention by setting up a unique matchmaking queue for first-time players.

Why choose IMS Matchmaker?

Get started right away

It’s powerful out of the box, so you can immediately tune your matchmaking to your game. Work with a wide range of rulesets, built-in functions and configuration tools.

Save on dev time and costs

Use our fully managed multi-tenant matchmaker to keep your running costs down and your team focused on creating gameplay.

Tailor to your game

Get the optimum solution with unlimited customisation powered by the Open Match framework, supported by hands-on help from our matchmaking specialists.

Key features

Fully managed service

We manage and monitor your matchmaking service for you, with an around-the-clock incident response and support desk.

Multi-tenancy option

Keep your costs down with a multi-tenant solution. A single tenancy option is available on request.

Observability suite

A comprehensive suite of tools to understand and optimise your matchmaking queues, with fault logging and alerting to quickly troubleshoot issues.

Diverse rulesets

Out of the box matchmaking rulesets that cover the most common game requirements.

Developer configuration API

Allows easy updates to matchmaking functions while the game is live, or when using pipeline automation to add and update queue configurations.

Client API

HTTP-based API for creating web socket connections to the game lobby, with support for either JSON or Flatbuffer encodings.

Unreal client SDK

An SDK for Unreal Engine that makes it easy to set up connection of the client to the game lobby.

zeuz integration

Seamless integration with zeuz, our game server operations and orchestration product.

Agones integration

Integration with Agones, the open-source game server orchestration technology.

Data storage

We support data retrieval from a variety of sources, including the client, Playfab’s data API or custom JWT.
We want to ensure any team at any phase in its development can quickly integrate and start using the IMS Matchmaker.
Diane Cochran, Principal Engineer, Improbable

Out-of-the-box rulesets for common matchmaker requirements, so you can immediately start tuning rules to your game

Accept match

Allow players to accept or reject the match before starting.


Adjust team sizes and attribute comparisons to ensure players can party up.


Allow a rule’s criteria to be lowered over time so more players are considered and wait times are minimised.

Skill-based matching

Match players with similar skills by retrieving rank or rating information from a data store.


Group players based on similar attributes (such as toxicity) by retrieving data from a game store.

Backfilling (available Q2 2022)

Add players to a server after a session has started – for example, to replace players that have left.


Match players to servers that are local to them by retrieving latency comparison data.

Role-based (available Q2 2022)

Specify player roles in parties to ensure balanced group compositions in matches.
IMS expanded and evolved our matchmaking solution so that we’re in a much more mature place. It allowed us to go beyond what we would have been able to do as a small team.
Josh Holmes, CEO and co-founder, Midwinter Entertainment

Alongside our tech, our experts can provide the hands-on help you need to fine-tune your matchmaker solution


We can help with backend and client-side work to integrate the matchmaker into your existing technology stack.


We can build bespoke functionality, such as new functions and rules based on Open Match capabilities, or other functionality such as dashboards or analytics integrations.


Our team of experienced matchmaking specialists can assess the success of your player matching and will provide hands-on help to optimise the algorithm to your game’s needs.

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