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Enable your game with the proven building blocks of our backend and developer effectiveness technology, complemented by the deep expertise of our professional services.



Prepare your backend infrastructure for a new generation of multiplayer games with managed server operations, container-based game orchestration and specialist engineering services.

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Push beyond the limits of traditional game design with our cutting-edge networking engine to help you realise rich game worlds and enable gameplay with greater scale and complexity.

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Playtest hub

Our playtest hub features a launcher tool that enables your teams to quickly distribute builds to testers, making it easier to coordinate large and adhoc playtests.


Our flexible matchmaking service allows your game’s players to find other players and queue for game sessions, based on flexible rulesets for an optimal game experience.

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Professional services

Solutions architects

Experienced game developers with deep subject matter expertise across IMS to help break down requirements and design solutions.

Solutions engineering

Expert game developers and cloud infrastructure engineers providing hands-on development and integration of custom solutions.

Migrations and training

Hands-on engineering support to help migrate to new infrastructures or services, and for team upskilling.

Best practice consulting

Providing advice around all aspects of GaaS development, from design, production and engineering to finance and commerce.

R&D services

If you need support for an innovation project, we can help with problem breakdown, solution development and building proofs of concept.

Can’t find it? There are other ways we can help

By integrating third-party products

We have experts who can integrate our products, people and expertise with the best third-party products from across the industry.

By creating custom builds

Drawing upon expertise spanning our organisation, our specialists can design solutions specifically tailored to your challenges and goals.

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All our solutions are tailored for specific games, and combine our deep expertise with proven technology to help studios, developers and publishers do even more.

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