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  • Game Server Operations: Studio executive must-knows

Expert advice, insights and case studies for optimising your game server operations and hosting orchestration to ensure scalable, cost effective and risk-free multiplayer games.

How to mitigate launch uncertainty with game server orchestration

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Reduce your total cost of ownership with new multiplayer technologies

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Case Study: Heroes & Generals - From great game to Epic Games

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How to mitigate launch uncertainty

We outline the server orchestration need-to-knows that can take the stress out of multiplayer game launches and ensure a smooth experience for players and your studio.

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Game server

Reduce your total cost of ownership

Discover how studios can take advantage of technological innovations in game server operations to lower fixed costs and increase the proportion of flexible costs that scale with the success of a game.

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Case Study Promo H&G

Case Study: From great game to Epic Games

Read how we helped game studio Reto Moto launch its competitive free-to-play game Heroes & Generals on the Epic Game Store and deliver a flawless live experience to players around the world while minimising hosting costs.

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Game server operations workshop

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