VIDEO: SpatialOS panel talk featuring games industry legends


GDC Panel

At this year’s GDC 2017 we hosted a SpatialOS panel talk called Ready Player Everyone: Worlds, World Building and the Future of Online Games with some very special guests - Rob Pardo (CEO of Bonfire Studios and former Chief Creative Officer of Blizzard Entertainment), Hilmar Veigar Pétursson (CEO of CCP Games), Noah Falstein (Chief Game Designer of Google) and our very own Herman Narula (CEO of Improbable). Our moderator was Dan Griliopoulos (Lead Content Editor at Improbable).

The group talked about subjects ranging from their history of virtual worlds, like Falstein’s six-person MMO Habitat, to the interpenetration of the virtual and physical worlds, and what Narula calls the ‘Gibson threshold’ - the point where virtual worlds are as meaningful as our atomic reality.

If you didn’t make it to the event itself, you can watch the full talk below or on the Improbable YouTube channel:


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