VIDEO: Developers talk about their SpatialOS games at GDC17



Following our introduction to the tech-side of SpatialOS at this year’s Games Developer Conference, we were excited to be joined on stage by a host of current SpatialOS developers and studio representatives. Taking to the podium, they spoke about how SpatialOS allows their development teams to design and create diverse, exciting games in Unreal and Unity engines. Watch the video below or check it out on the Improbable YouTube channel.

First up was Henrique Olifiers, CEO of Bossa Studios (I am Bread, Surgeon Simulator) who was talking about his studio’s massively-multiplayer SpatialOS game - Worlds Adrift. Originally starting as an internal studio game jam, Worlds Adrift, with its ambitious multiplayer physics and persistent-world design, did not become a reality until the team discovered SpatialOS.

“We’ve created something that would cost others millions of dollars to make, with just 25 people.” said Henrique. You can skip to his segment of the video or find out more on the game’s website.

Worlds Adrift screenshot

Next, Jeromy Walsh of Soulbound Studios spoke about the upcoming RPG Chronicles of Elyria which was recently named “RPG with the most potential” by website Massively Overpowered at PAX East 2017. Jeromy sees his team’s goal as not only to release an MMO that will “challenge what is fun, re-imagine what is possible, and re-define an immersive world” but also to thoroughly integrate the Soulborn Engine within SpatialOS and then license this to future users of the platform.

“Technologies like Unreal and SpatialOS have made it possible for even small companies like ourselves to really change the industry.” said Jeromy. Find out more in the Soulbound segment of the video.

Chronicles of Elyria screenshot

Spilt Milk Studios, makers of SpatialOS asteroid-fest Lazarus, also joined the talk to demonstrate how quickly a team of just four developers could create an enormous game world in SpatialOS. “SpatialOS is like lasagna…” said Andrew Smith, founder of Spilt Milk Studio. Find out what he means by skipping to his segment of the talk.

Additionally, GDC was the perfect occasion for us to reveal some of the newest titles that are being worked on in SpatialOS. The first of these to take to the stage during the talk was Seed by Klang Games - an indie-studio based in Berlin.

“The most exciting space in multiplayer games is emergent massive multiplayer games - obviously that’s why SpatialOS was a good choice for us.” said Mundi Vondi of Klang Games.

“We wanted to make a game where everything online simulation done at a scale never attempted before, a completely immersive sandbox where every entity can be interacted with and most importantly a real online community.” Find out more in the Klang section of the presentation.

SEED screenshot night

Rounding off the talk were Paris-based studio Ninpo with their game Vanishing Stars - a tower-defence-inspired game with RTS (real-time strategy elements). “What was really important to me was to create a game where you are not alone in the galaxy,” said Cédric Tatangelo, founder of Ninpo. Discover more about the game in Cedric’s section of the talk, or via the Vanishing Stars website where you are able to sign up to test the game.

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