The SpatialOS integration with Unreal Engine is now in Open Beta


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Update – we have announced a new Unreal game developer kit (GDK) that is an improved version of our SDK. Find out more here.

Recently we announced that our Unreal Engine SDK has reached another milestone – Open Beta. That means that our engineers consider the Unreal integration with SpatialOS stable.

“Any integration that enables developers to push their boundaries and go that extra mile has to be a good thing, but this initiative is a massive win for both developers and gamers,” commented Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager, Epic Games. “We’re looking forward to working closely with Improbable and excited to see what results in the coming months.”

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For current SpatialOS developers, our documentation provides more information about what the integration entails. You can also ask questions or send us feedback on the Beta via the forums.

For new developers, this is the perfect time for us to open the doors to third-party studios looking to use the Unreal engine with SpatialOS on their next project. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about pricing and the support we offer.

Read the full announcement on our company news feed or head to the SpatialOS explainer page to find out how our tech can empower your next game.

Start developing your game for free with our SpatialOS SDK.

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