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Update – we have announced new Unreal and Unity game developer kits (GDKs) as improved versions of our SDKs. Find out more about the Unity GDK and Unreal GDK.

SpatialOS update 12.0 brings both general changes and new features and ones specific to our game engine SDKs. For a full list of what’s new and improved, see the release notes in our documentation. In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at a few of the key areas of this update.

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New Feature: transient fields in Schemalang

In Schemalang, you can now mark option, list and map fields as transient. Data in transient fields won’t be saved in snapshots taken from a deployment, or loaded from a snapshot at the start of deployment. This makes clearing per-deployment state in snapshots easier. See the Schemalang Reference for more information.

Prior to this feature there were two types of fields in a component – standard (stored in memory and in snapshots), and events (not stored in memory nor in snapshots). This feature introduces a new type called transient, that is – stored in memory but not in snapshots.

This allows you to cover use cases such as:

  • Representing a position in a worker that is different from the Runtime’s canonical one, without duplicating it in the snapshot.
  • Checking the last input on a client when server-side authority changes: the information is stored in memory since it becomes meaningless if a deployment is restarted.

Unity & Unreal SDKs: authority

We’ve updated the concept of authority to make it easier to handle when a worker is about to lose write-access by providing configurable advance warning of the authority change.

Unreal SDK: seamless updates

Receiving and sending component updates has been greatly simplified. With the seamless update implementation, you can now read the property value directly from the component.

Let’s get started!

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