SpatialOS now supports Xbox One and PlayStation 4 development


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To date, Improbable has focused on supporting SpatialOS PC development. However, today we are pleased to announce that SpatialOS now supports developing games on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To that end, our networking technology has been validated by Microsoft and we’re currently going through Sony’s validation procedure as well.

This means that you both bring your games to multiple platforms and also move one step closer to unlocking cross-platform gameplay. (We detail how to do further on in the post.)

For example, you could design your game to include a mode where players on different devices could share the same session. Or, going one step further, you can have device-specific gameplay in the same session: for example, gamers could play an FPS on console/PC and an RTS on mobile in the same game world and session.

New features

To better support console developers, we have also added new features. These features are also now available throughout the SpatialOS platform, meaning our console work should have improved the experience for all developers. They include:

  • Custom memory allocation: only available with the C SDK, this enables developers to use their own memory allocation management system. This is especially important for consoles as they have hard memory limits.
  • Thread affinity: available with the C++, C#, Java, and C SDKs, this enables developers to pin threads to specific CPU cores to separate network processing from gameplay code and optimise performance.

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Microsoft validation.

We have also worked closely with Microsoft so that SpatialOS is validated to meet  Microsoft’s networking and security requirements for Xbox One and PC. This means you can develop on SpatialOS with confidence.

Next, we’re working to get Microsoft to officially certify SpatialOS - this will further reduce the amount of work you have to do to pass the console certification process for your games.

We are undergoing the same process with Sony to get the certification with PlayStation 4. Please stay tuned for future announcements in this area.

How to get started

To start developing on console, you need to be registered as an approved Xbox or PlayStation developer, which gives you access to specific source code and packages for the consoles.

Once registered, please get in touch with us to raise a console developer request (for customers with service agreement) or email us at Once we’ve verified your registered status with Microsoft or Sony, we will send you instruction documents and grant your SpatialOS account the ability to access the console-specific packages. In the meantime, to learn more details on console-related features and SpatialOS in general, check out our docs here.

Supporting developers to make SpatialOS games on any platform is one of our long-term goals, so we’re very excited to see what you will do on Xbox and PlayStation. We will continue working to better support more platforms, and more innovative games and gameplay.

If you have any question or comments, please drop us a note on Discord or the Forums.

Banner photo by Fabian Albert on Unsplash.

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