Sofa, so good- the SpatialOS VR Starter Project is now live


4 chairs in the air

We’ve just finished work on the SpatialOS VR starter project, which we talked about in a previous post. We’ve designed it to give you the basic functionality of a VR game or application as a starting point for developing your own games and virtual-reality experiences with SpatialOS. The VR starter project requires you to have SteamVR hardware - the HTC Vive headset, controllers, and base stations. Check out the public GitHub repo and read on for more information.

As you can see, we’ve had lots of picking up and flinging our lovely, red, armchair model around. However, the point of this starter project isn't just for furniture impact testing, but rather to allow developers to use this code template to develop their own VR experiences on SpatialOS. With that in mind, the project has many aspects and controls by default which are standard to most first-person VR projects.

Other features of the starter project include:

  • Players are controlled by VR peripherals.
  • Spectators are controlled by mouse and keyboard.
  • Multiplayer by default - many players and spectators can share the same world.
  • Position and orientation tracking of headset and controllers.
  • Movement by teleporting. Press the trackpad on either controller, move the target, and release the trackpad to teleport to the target location.
  • Players have the following abilities:
    • Grabbing objects.
    • Passing objects between hands.
    • Throwing and catching objects.
  • Armchairs - lovely, comfy-looking, red armchairs.

Head over to the public GitHub repo to grab the project, then check out our README for more info on our how to get started. If you’ve any questions, you can discuss this article on the forums.

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