PlayRaven and Improbable partner to bring SpatialOS technology to upcoming mobile development project


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The Finnish mobile gaming veterans PlayRaven have partnered with Improbable to explore possibilities for Improbable’s SpatialOS platform through the development of a mobile MMO, codenamed “Project Metro.”

Helsinki, Finland Thursday 7th December: Finnish gaming studio PlayRaven and London-based game technology company Improbable have announced a technology partnership that will see the former Remedy, Rockstar Games, Supercell and Rovio devs begin initial development on a mobile MMO, codenamed Project Metro, on SpatialOS. PlayRaven will develop Project Metro alongside ‘Project Aurora’, an upcoming free-to-play mobile game set in the EVE universe and developed in collaboration with CCP Games.

Improbable’s SpatialOS is a distributed, cloud-based platform for game development that integrates with and augments existing workflows, engines and tools. By removing computational barriers to game design, SpatialOS enables developers to create previously impossible games that boast massive, persistent and richly simulated virtual worlds.

“We’re delighted to be working with PlayRaven, who bring extensive experience of delivering successful games to multiple mobile formats,” said Herman Narula, co-founder and CEO at Improbable. “Mobile game developers and players are looking for the kind of richer, more engaging experiences that SpatialOS is designed to make possible. Our technical partnership with PlayRaven will help to develop SpatialOS as a platform to enable the innovative mobile games of the future.”

“Improbable’s SpatialOS brings an unprecedented level of scale, persistence and simulation to mobile game development. We believe that we can use SpatialOS to build a truly groundbreaking MMO on mobile that will use these systems to create a uniquely engaging player experience,” said Lasse Seppänen, co-founder and CEO at PlayRaven. “Our prototype for Project Metro is the first step towards that goal.”

More details on Project Metro will be revealed in early 2018.

For the latest news from PlayRaven, follow the company at or @PlayRavenInc on Twitter. For the latest news from Improbable, follow the company at or @Improbableio on Twitter.

About PlayRaven

PlayRaven is a boutique game development studio employing an international team of hand-picked industry veterans with years of experience from famous companies such as Remedy Entertainment, Rockstar Games, Supercell, Rovio and Unity. PlayRaven has released three games to date, all of which have gained top 5 chart positions across the globe. As a studio, PlayRaven’s mission is to make ambitious games that no other studio has ever made before, and they have built the perfect team and culture to achieve just that. PlayRaven is currently working with CCP Games on Project Aurora, an original free-to-play mobile game set in the EVE universe, as well as with Improbable on Project Metro.

About Improbable

Headquartered in London, Improbable is a company dedicated to building technology to enable powerful virtual worlds and simulations designed to help solve previously intractable problems. In gaming and entertainment, this enables the creation of richer, more immersive and persistent virtual worlds.

Founded in 2012, Improbable received $20m in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz in March 2015. Horizons Ventures led a $30m follow-on Series A in July 2015, which included Temasek Holdings.

In May 2017 Improbable announced a $502m Series B funding round, led by SoftBank. Andreessen Horowitz and Horizons Ventures also joined this round with follow-on investments.

About SpatialOS

By building on SpatialOS, developers can use standard tools and game engines to build new gaming experiences.

SpatialOS lets developers exceed the limits of a single server or game engine. It allows for a swarm of hundreds of game engines, running in the cloud, to cooperate together to simulate a world much larger, richer, and with more players than any single engine or server could.

SpatialOS is currently in a free open beta for game developers – any developer interested in exploring how they can use SpatialOS to create new realities can download the SDK at

Media Contacts

Robin Squire Director of Marketing & BizDev, PlayRaven

David Scarborough Games PR Coordinator, Improbable

Amie Smith PR Account Executive, Deliberate PR

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