Improbable announces that the SpatialOS Unreal Engine integration is now in Open Beta


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London Tuesday 17th October 2017: Today Improbable is pleased to announce that the Unreal SDK for SpatialOS is now in Open Beta(1). This coincides with the latest release of SpatialOS version 12.0, which introduced extensive new features that expanded and stabilised Unreal functionality on Improbable’s revolutionary game development platform. This Unreal integration enables new ways to achieve high-fidelity graphics on SpatialOS, placing powerful tools in the hands of developers, allowing them to build, deploy and operate previously impossible games.

From indie titles to blockbuster survival-shooter games, closer Unreal Engine integration with SpatialOS unlocks even more creative possibilities, furthering Improbable’s mission of powering the next generation of online gaming experiences.

“We’re delighted that our Unreal integration has reached this level of stability, eight months after we first revealed it.” said Rob Whitehead, CTO of Improbable. “This is a huge step for our platform – the Unreal Engine and Epic have been cornerstones of the games industry for several tech generations, and our team has grown up with games like Gears of War and Unreal Tournament. We’re already supporting third-party studios familiar with Unreal in their work on the next generation of games – and we’re always looking for more.”

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Improbable’s Unreal SDK Open Beta is available today for Windows-based development. A range of exciting projects utilising SpatialOS and Unreal Engine are already in the works.

“Any integration that enables developers to push their boundaries and go that extra mile has to be a good thing, but this initiative is a massive win for both developers and gamers,” commented Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager, Epic Games. “We’re looking forward to working closely with Improbable and excited to see what results in the coming months.”

Look for future updates on exciting projects utilising the combined power of SpatialOS and Unreal Engine on the Improbable blog.

(1) Beta’ for Improbable means an integration is almost feature complete for its intended use cases, though it may still be unstable.

About Improbable

Headquartered in London, Improbable is a company dedicated to building technology to enable powerful virtual worlds and simulations designed to help solve previously intractable problems. In gaming and entertainment, this enables the creation of richer, more immersive and persistent virtual worlds.

Founded in 2012, Improbable received $20m in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz in March 2015. Horizons Ventures led a $30m follow-on Series A in July 2015, which included Temasek Holdings.

In May 2017 Improbable announced a $502m Series B funding round, led by SoftBank. Andreessen Horowitz and Horizons Ventures also joined this round with follow-on investments.

About SpatialOS

By building on SpatialOS, developers can use standard tools and game engines to build new gaming experiences.

SpatialOS lets developers exceed the limits of a single server or game engine. It allows for a swarm of hundreds of game engines, running in the cloud, to cooperate together to simulate a world much larger, richer, and with more players than any single engine or server could.

SpatialOS is currently in a free open beta for game developers – any developer interested in exploring how they can use SpatialOS to create new realities can download the SDK at

About Unreal Engine

Developed by Epic Games, the Unreal Engine brings high-fidelity experiences to PC, console, mobile, VR and AR platforms. Unreal Engine accelerates the creation of games, applications, visualisations and cinematic content. Download Unreal Engine for free at, and follow @UnrealEngine for updates.

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