How crossplay games are shaping the future of multiplayer game development


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Jump straight into the complete crossplay experience with our brand new “Power in Numbers” ebook, the complete guide to enabling industry-leading multi-platform gameplay experiences.

Crossplay games have moved the boundaries of conventional multiplayer gameplay, opening up new opportunities for the industry to connect players.

Competing platforms and storefronts are now progressing towards shared, multi-platform experiences, reinforcing live-service crossplay as an industry standard.

One of the most exciting trends that we've seen in video games over the last few years involves huge companies and corporations coming together to be more flexible and do what's right for the player. This is what’s core to the crossplay experience.
John Wasilczyk, VP, Improbable

Crossplay games empower communities

Multiplayer games are social mediums with the power to connect, develop and nurture vast communities.

Since the pandemic began, the industry has seen a 60% increase in the number of multiplayer games being played. Everyone from gaming veterans to first-time players are using games to stay connected, turning a social medium into a social lifeline for some.

Combine this with a 155% increase in console sales from March 2020, and the evolving social impact of video games is clear.

Locked inside with restricted social contact, crossplay games have become a digital playground for people of all ages, cultures and platforms.

Crossplay games connect the dots

This player diversity shifts the focus away from single platform game development, and onto the shared gameplay experience.

People care less about what they’re playing on, and more about who they’re playing with.

And with chip shortages likely to extend the current cross-generation period into 2023, this will become increasingly prevalent. Instead of waiting for the latest system, people are buying whatever they can get their hands on (It was almost as difficult to find a PS4 or Xbox One as it was a PS5 or Series X this summer.)

Not only are players on different platforms, but some have more than one. A recent study by GWI showed that multi-console ownership is not uncommon. eBook1-blog-multi-console-ownership With so many players and platforms, studios and publishers need to enable crossplay.

You should be launching on every platform that makes sense for your game. If your game plays well on a platform and it’s fun on a platform, there shouldn’t be a technical reason you don’t launch on that platform.
Chris Giroir, Senior Software Engineer, Improbable

Game development for 3.2 billion players

We know it’s easier said than done. Building and operating a multi-platform, live-service crossplay experience is challenging. It takes a level of time, resource and expertise that even the biggest studios struggle to manage.

That’s why we’ve created “Power in Numbers”, a brand new ebook designed to help you connect your game with the 3.2 billion player community.

Packed with useful insights, you’ll discover how to:

  • Build games for the 3.2 billion player global community
  • Create exceptional multi-platform experiences
  • Enable crossplay and increase player engagement

More solutions. More possibilities.

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