Opening our SpatialOS Alpha, Partnering with Google: Two Big Steps for Improbable


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Today we are excited to announce that our SpatialOS Games Alpha is now open as an alpha for any developer that would like to try it. This is the culmination of much dedicated work by our team and the partners and customers who have been working with the earlier, limited-access version of SpatialOS during development.

We are extremely grateful to this community for helping us shape a tool that we hope will open up entirely new types of games and worlds which would otherwise not be possible.

We are also announcing today the start of an ecosystem of services that will help to empower our developer community and make it even easier to enable new types of games. These games will take advantage of the unique and empowering abilities of SpatialOS to build simulated worlds on a massive scale, with the player density and realism to make experiences within them not just enjoyable but meaningful.

As a first step in building this ecosystem, we are partnering with Google to create an innovation subsidy program, the SpatialOS Games Innovation Program. This will enable games studios to build, deploy and test games on SpatialOS up to the point of commercial release with significantly reduced, and in many cases completely eliminated, SpatialOS usage costs, including cloud computing fees. We hope this promotes experimentation, much earlier user testing, iteration of games, and an explosion of new ideas.

We are also working with Google and other partners to integrate services directly into SpatialOS that we think will radically change how people build and discover games, and are looking forward to talking more about the road ahead.

This innovation program will be detailed in Q1 along with the launch of SpatialOS Beta, new features and a usage-based pricing plan. But this open alpha for games is the perfect time to start experimenting.

If you develop prototypes for new games and worlds during the SpatialOS Alpha and let us know either on the forums or directly, you can qualify for the usage credits provided by the SpatialOS Game Innovation Program. These credits are intended both for innovative, small core teams in established larger studios and also indie teams and new studios.

Our partnership team is already working closely with some incredible developers on games such as Worlds Adrift (currently in alpha playtesting with a launch in limited early access scheduled for Q1 2017) and Lazarus, and they will be working to help the whole community to innovate using SpatialOS, through the alpha and beyond.

We have been dreaming about what happens when we let games move beyond the constraints of a single game engine and server. When we talk to developers, the excitement we hear has convinced us that we are not alone. Now, we can invite you to start crafting meaningful, living game worlds – worlds that will evolve into the kind of ultra engaging simulated realities which could change the way we look at the world.

SpatialOS Alpha is our first step towards seeing those new worlds being built, but enabling technology is nothing without innovative developers and an encouraging community. We want you to push the boundaries of games. We are here to help you build something transformative.

To get SpatialOS Alpha, just go to our registration page and get on board. I can’t wait to see what you create.

Herman Narula

CEO and cofounder


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