Announcement: all SpatialOS projects will now use new Runtime


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Today we are excited to announce that all existing and future SpatialOS projects now use the new version of the Runtime.

First, if you have already upgraded to the new Runtime, you don't need to do anything.

If you have not yet upgraded and you have been using the old version for your project, you might see errors the next time you deploy your project. You can resolve these by following the upgrade guide.

Once you have completed the upgrade your project should deploy without issues in the new environment, and you will be using the new Runtime version.

There is a chance that bugs may occur related to your specific use case. If you do encounter any issues, please create a post in our Forums or talk to us on our Discord channel, and our support team will be able to help you.

What is the new Runtime?

The new Runtime represents a huge technical improvement that sits right at the heart of SpatialOS. The Runtime is the foundational system that leverages distributed computation so that you can exceed the limitations of a single game engine or server.

We began the roll-out of the new Runtime back in August. There are three components to the new version which we released sequentially on an opt-in basis to make it easy for you to verify your projects in the new environment. Firstly we released the new bridge, then the new load balancer and finally the new entity database. For more details about the changes, we encourage you to read through those earlier posts.

This new version is more performant at scale, more stable across the board and easier to scale. It also enables new features such as query-based interest (QBI) and other features we have in our pipeline, which will enable a wider range of new game types.

Whilst we’re proud of what the old version of the Runtime achieved, we’re delighted to finish the roll-out of the new one and set our sights on exploring what’s now possible.

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