How to iterate faster with CI/CD and playtesting

Fast iteration is essential for creating great gameplay experiences with long-term staying power. But the challenges that game studios face when trying to make their iteration loops move faster means that many are struggling to make this happen.

Inside our new ebook, you’ll find an expert assessment of the main iteration obstacles, as well as a range of actionable solutions, to help your studio focus on creating more of what players want, faster.

Download ‘How to Iterate Faster with CI/CD and Playtesting’ now and find out how to:

• Deliver consistent gameplay improvements over time
• Merge code changes quickly across distributed teams
• Prevent in-progress features from being released
• Enable fast playtest access to the latest builds
• Catch bugs and test faster

“The workflows we embraced with IMS made a team of 60 feel like a team of hundreds.”

– Aaryn Flynn, Head of Improbable Games Canada (Previously at Bioware)