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How Toadman Interactive, one of the world’s leading game developers, uses Improbable Multiplayer Services (IMS) to free its studios to work on what matters most – creating great content.

With studios based around the world, Toadman Interactive wanted to organically develop its growing portfolio of existing and new IP with a focus on free-to-play muliplayer games.

For any game developer with multiple global teams, it’s a technical challenge to manage backend operations comprehensively while trying to keep focused on creating content.

Toadman Interactive knew that the right technology ecosystem would help to support operations for its games, allowing them to simplify and drive efficiencies in their development and distribution.

Studio Toadman InteractiveStudio size >60
Studio locations Stockholm, Los Angeles, Oslo, Berlin, Penryn, and TverIMS solutions Game server operations, customised backend infrastructure, cross play support
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Realising the potential

For Enad Global 7’s Chief Technology Officer Andreas Jonsson, the initial focus was to manage game server hosting.

A hosting solution was needed for ‘83, a new IP from Antimatter Games, as well as for Block N Load 2, Toadman Interactive’s much-anticipated sequel to their renowned voxel-based tactical shooter, due for release later this year.

Our conversation quickly developed as we saw how Improbable Multiplayer Services (IMS) would benefit Toadman Interactive’s wider portfolio. Building upon this initial phase of work, together we’re developing solutions which Toadman Interactive’s portfolio can easily adapt to help streamline its complex backend infrastructure.

These solutions, including game server orchestration with a purpose built portfolio SDK will save its studios around three months of development time and costs on each title, enabling the company to secure efficient, cost-effective hosting and operations for their entire game portfolio around the world.

From the start, our relationship with Improbable felt empowering. Their team was really focussed on solutions to help us create and evolve our live games, and always ready to support us and help put ideas into action.
Andreas Jonsson, Chief Technology Officer, Enad Global 7
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Challenges and opportunities

Taking into account Toadman Interactive’s live game portfolio, global footprint and busy pipeline of game releases, there were specific challenges to address:

  • Managing operations and hosting across multiple existing and new IPs around the world, many on dedicated servers.
  • Coordinating the development cycle, launch titles and manage live games all while people are working remotely.
  • Gaining the ability to view and analyse data and metrics across back-end systems and infrastructure for Toadman Interactive’s entire IP portfolio.

    In turn, these challenges helped us to realise the following solutions:

  • Use game server hosting to deliver the best possible low-latency gameplay and scale to players all over the world.
  • Supply technical services with specialist engineers to integrate Epic Online Services and enable crossplay.
  • Observability solutions giving teams the ability to optimise performance and maximise each of their game's profitability over its lifecycle.
It’s been great to have Improbable as a partner to support our ambition and help us focus on free to play multiplayer games.
Andreas Jonsson, Chief Technology Officer, Enad Global 7

Why Toadman Interactive chose IMS

Portfolio management to achieve economies of scale

Hosting a game portfolio using hybrid cloud provides Toadman Interactive a single operating view of the infrastructure across all their dedicated server games – this allows greater economies of scale with the cost-efficiency of shared compute resources.

Proven games technology tailored to Toadman Interactive’s needs

Proven Improbable technology and subject matter experts combined with the industry's best third-party services help Toadman Interactive to develop, operate and evolve their games.

Optimising games as a service development and operation

Specialist support to help creative teams evolve their online games, reach greater numbers of players in more regions and connect players to new platforms.

Provide players anywhere with low-latency hosting

Using any combination of server providers, game server operations uses a global network of over 200 data centres to optimise games specifically for their players and geographic regions.

Optimal performance with autoscaling

Game server orchestration scales seamlessly up and down with player demand to minimise costs and deliver the best possible player experience.

Greater cost transparency and control

Game server operations provides the benefit of cost transparency through scenario modelling, cost forecasting and cost management.

Peace of mind with round-the-clock support

A team of multiplayer engineers and cloud scaling specialists is ready to support global infrastructure and games services, identify potential issues and work out how to fix problems ahead of time - or even avoid them altogether.

What’s valuable to our partnership is that while Improbable supports technical tasks like game server operations and enabling crossplay across our games portfolio, we can focus on creating content and better player experiences.
Ola Nilsson, Studio Manager, Toadman Interactive

The bigger picture

Though all of Toadman Interactive’s studios had plans to manage their hosting and operations, the reality is that developers naturally want to keep their focus on creating great content and gameplay.

In partnership, we began to look at developing a wider programme of solutions to address these ongoing hosting challenges and unlock the full potential of their studios and titles.

Cutting development time with a custom solution

In discussion with Andreas, we planned a multiplayer game hosting and operations platform to help manage their portfolio more efficiently.

The solution is a centralised management console to view and control server hosting and orchestration. This console will be paired with a custom portfolio SDK that will provide studios with a single access point for hosting integration, making it quicker to launch and operate a pipeline of multiplayer games.

Simultaneously, the console gives greater insight and control over hosting operations across the entire IP portfolio, providing live data, reporting and controls for:

  • CCU metrics.
  • Server and operating cost reporting.
  • Server fleets and orchestration settings.
  • Bare metal and cloud usage across titles.

    Using the console to visualise and manage their operations, Toadman Interactive is able to make more informed decisions and plans for their entire portfolio of IP.

Maximising multiplayer

Using game server operations to optimise server operations, studios with portfolios of multiplayer games benefit from significant savings and economies of scale, with the ability to maximise each IP’s per-user profitability over its entire lifecycle.

Our ongoing work will deliver servers for rapid playtesting and development, a custom-built SDK and the console, with full technical support to continuously migrate each game across the Toadman Interactive portfolio.

Toadman Interactive has a global team of experts to help support its ideas with the best technology and people. But most importantly, its studios have new levels of creative freedom for its developers – which in turn gives their games the greatest potential for success.

Helping games go further

The success of the Toadman Interactive partnership has opened up new opportunities across the wider ecosystem of Toadman’s parent company EG7.

Work is already underway to support Piranha Games with Epic Online Services integration to enable crossplay on MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

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